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Mastermind Tutorials is an Indian educational Institution based in Delhi founded by Deepak Sachdeva in 2014. Mastermind Tutorials is a highly reputed and acknowledged for providing pre-eminent educational services across Delhi NCR. Mastermind tutorials provide online, offline and personal tuitions (Home Tuitions) to the students of all classes and Boards (CBSE, ICSE and IB school). Our Classroom Programs ensure personalized attention and aim at developing the conceptual knowledge of our students.

Our Online Courses encourage students to self-learning and are quite popular among the today’s generation. Our Online courses deliver the same content as delivered in the Offline classrooms in a cost-effective way and help students to study at their own pace and convenience.

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FACULTY MEMBERS (Backbone of the Institute)

The foundation of any institute is its faculty. The faculty at MT is a perfect blend of top academicians and educationists. We give utmost importance in selecting our faculty. Our faculty possesses outstanding academic credentials, valuable subject knowledge and insight and true dedication to teaching. MT has been known for its strongest faculty base knowing exactly what to deliver and how. Their effectiveness in teaching and contributions can be easily gauged through the past performance of the institute.

In spite of possessing pack of knowledge, not everyone could be a good teacher. It requires a natural flair and a basic acumen to be a good teacher. Thus skill of transferring knowledge is necessary for teacher. Our experienced faculty is hand-picked and groomed over the years to be the most effective in transferring the knowledge. The sheer hard work and devoted approach of the faculty members propelled the motivational levels of the students. These highly dedicated faculty members are the guiding spirit behind the success of the organization. The faculty also fosters an environment where the students are encouraged to sort out their difficulties and problems on one-to-one basis. Our faculty literally screens the student.

We at MT have full time faculty members of all subjects. Hence their commitment is distinctly higher than visiting/part time faculty. Faculty members are regularly given refresher courses and training sessions to give out their best to the students. Regular seminar & workshops for faculty conducted by renowned teachers from all over the country give faculty insight into newer and better teaching methods.

Our years of experience and expertise in the field of education enable us to know our student in a better way. Our commitment to deliver quality education to you gets stronger and stronger. That is why; we get the best and most competent faculty members. Our faculty members are someone who believes in you. These faculty members are student friendly and committed to your success. Your success is a big personal achievement for them.

Every year committed to work harder than ever before.

Study Material and Assignments

We have designed our most powerful, most organized, most interactive and well-researched study material keeping in mind the following objectives:

  To crystallize or ground the fundamentals of the students and to develop extraordinary penetration into the subject.

  To sharpen the analytical skills of the students.

  To channelize their efforts so that they act at high speed with accuracy in exams.

Classroom presentation by the teachers and concept coverage in the study material together constitutes the core of our thrust for success. This has always been one of our basic strengths. This high quality study material has been prepared, designed and developed by our expert team of highly qualified, experienced & dedicated faculty of proven track record and ability. The SMP reflects the concepts purely based on the demands of board exams. This SMP is designed with skill, devotion and highly organized system. Our study material effectively captures the essence of each concept and does not leave any aspect uncovered. The language of the SMP is simple and easy to grasp.

Regular Tests

Regular Tests


We organise chapterwise tests every week to know the progress of a student in that particular chapter.


We organise half syllabus test on half yearly basis. After announcing result we separate the students who are still facing problem in any aspect of tested chapters, we work on those problems and make our students good at those problem they face.


Full syllabus tests of every subject is organised at the end of session in the environment of board exams where students are given less time than board to same length question paper. Thus they become capable to solve the question paper in less time than board provides. We make them practised again and again so they give their best in examination hall.

Doubt and Discussion

Queries and doubts are promptly clarified and there is no room for confusion. Sufficient individuals time to interact freely with the faculty to eliminate the Problems . Each and every problem faced by the students is systematically explained to their utmost satisfaction The personal interaction between the faculty and student generates a healthy environment that encourage the students to come up with their doubts and difficulties.

Regular difficulty/doubt classes where a student is free to ask any question from the teacher to clarify his/her doubt/difficulties. These sessions ensure individual attention to all.


As the responsibility of the sucess of the student is shared all the three - Mastermind, the student and the parent of the student. We belive it is important to keep the communication channel open with the parent. This is to exchange feedback and also help in jointly motivating the student to put his/her best efforts.

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Online Tuition Classes

Stay Home, Stay safe and Prepare online for your exam & entrance test. Hire A Tutor for Live Interactive Classes on Mobile Apps and Web Application. LIVE interactive classes for all ages fun & engaging way to learn from anywhere, anytime. Learn from Home & Get experience of real-time classroom via our Online Class platform. Our sessions take place on one-on-one basis, and our sessions are totally personalized. Our tutors remain totally focused during sessions; tutors pay fully attention to each and every student. Our tutors are fully dedicated towards their work.